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We have extensive background experience in visual effects at ‘The Moving Picture Company’ and ‘Hypnosis VFX’. We have worked on a n umber of large scale TV projects and Hollywood blockbusters such as Tomb Raider, Harry Potter, Jackie Chan, Band of Brothers and Death on the Nile.

Our capability includes keying blue and green screens, rotoscoping and creating matte’s, crowd replications, wire removals, set extensions, tracking, match moving, grain replication, particle effects, speed effects and atmospherics.

We have the technical ability and planning to deliver visual effects which seamlessly integrate with the rest of the film and enhance the impact of the finished piece.

We work closely with technicians to make the seemingly impossible, possible. We have the necessary levels of skills and experience to produce high-end special effects.

Over the years we’ve created numerous special effects; replica ships, storm effects right through to firing rockets from the prongs of a fork lift truck! We are qualified to create pyrotechnics with Health and Safety regulations carefully adhered to. We build in lead time for special effects preparation as good planning and testing before the shoot day are critical.

Whatever can be imagined can be realised -explosions, bullet impact, fire, stunts, ramps and rigs, prosthetics, costumes, models, animatronics, wire work and sculpture. You name it, we can handle it.